Wind Damage

High winds can cause serious damage. Not only can they rip things off buildings, they can also cause damage with debris and trees. Responding immediately to secure any holes and broken windows, etc., is important. Tornados can cause extreme damage that needs to be taken care of quickly so you can get back to normal operations. Water damage, and even sometimes fires, can accompany high wind damage. Central Restoration is equipped to deal with all three as a single-source provider.

We will accompany you through the restoration process, bill your insurance company and help you get back to normal ASAP.



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PRO TIP: A fast “reaction,” time can mean the difference of thousands of dollars. Early detection and getting a professional involved in a timely manner can mean fewer costs down the road. If you detect flooding or anything critical restoration necessity around your home call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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