Fire Restoration

Fires are the second-leading cause of accidental deaths around the home. Due to the unique behavior of smoke, fire restoration is not simple. It is important to have an experienced restoration team on your side. A fast treatment will help reduce smoke and soot health hazards and damage.


Discover what if feels like to have a beautiful stress-free, clean home you can be proud of. Our family owned and operated carpet cleaning company has the experience and expertise to give you carpeting you will absolutely love. Central Restoration Inc.’s skilled technicians use truck-mounted hot water extraction systems that permeate carpet fibers, drawing out deeply embedded odors and odor-causing agents from musty basements, pet affected areas, and spill-zones. This means you can have carpeting free of embarrassing spots, stains and odors.

If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating one or more of the following:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Odors
  • Dirt and debri
  • Other contaminants

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Mold becomes a serious problem when it lands on a wet or damp spot and begins growing. Mold has the potential to cause health problems, such as allergic reactions, sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. It can also irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs. It can destroy building materials as well, seriously affecting the structural integrity of a building.

Wind Damage

High winds can cause serious damage. Not only can they rip things off buildings, they can also cause damage with debris and trees. Responding immediately to secure any holes and broken windows, etc., is important.


Biohazard cleanup requires trained professionals to recover blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious materials. For the safety of you, your family and friends, as well as your employees and ours, we strictly adhere to all local, state and federal guidelines including OSHA, DOT and EPA.

Flood/Water Damage Restoration, Cleanup and Repair

With the complexity and importance of properly drying a water-damaged house down, you want someone you can trust. We pride ourselves on 100 percent customer satisfaction on every job. No two jobs are alike, and not all restoration companies are created equal. Make sure you use trained, certified and insured companies to get the job done right.


The use of de-ionized water combined with specialized detergents has revolutionized electronics cleaning and restoration in many ways. Rapid and thorough cleaning of most electronics with economical solutions is now possible. Even heavily contaminated electronics can be successfully restored to “pre-loss” or like new condition using this technology.  Contact us for your electronic cleaning needs.